Lock Em’ Up…

When it comes to security we always think of the big picture. As humans we usually think door carries the most weightage for securing the area but, in real the thing which holds the door from invasion is known as ‘lock’. So actually we should discuss some of the most commonly used heroes of security: 

Padlocks: this warrior can be placed on any door, any side to provide maximum protection. The best features of this lock are that, there is no need to install it particularly or make space for it; this type can be settled externally. So if one really wants to secure the door without any amendment or alteration in the design of the door; padlock is the best option. Stainless steel, unbreakable with one simple key for unlocking makes doors in Tarneit easier to secure. Moreover, padlocks come in another option which needs a key to unlock and the same key to lock. This means there is no chance to forget the keys inside the house and lock it. 

Lever handles: this lock provides a rock tough lock concealed with a suitable handle (level).  The key space at the front side near the starting position of the lever, although they are quite simpler to open than knob locks since there is plenty of space to apply force downward (which can open the lock if the key hole picked successfully). Moreover the fear of torque attack over the lever makes this warrior a bit weaker and less wanted for outside doors. 

Wall mounted: this is something serious and requires planning, if one really wants to install this bad boy he/she has to plan it during construction phase since it needs to be mounted in the wall, this choice is rare and also known as vault locks. This is quite complex to brake such locks as one has to brake the wall in order to make even an inch space (to attempt the lock picking). Body hidden inside the concrete wall with exposed space only to put that uniquely designed key to open. Usually to prevent unauthorized access this lock is used near fire exits and server rooms (only authorized person can access). This warrior is a life saver; one can install such locks to secure the space totally and completely. 

Knob locks: the name is quite self-explanatory but the knob is to provide locking ability from inside, which means the installation of knob lock is very important, it’s recommended to keep the knob side inside the office or home and the keyhole side outside. Press the knob and it cannot be unlocked without a key from the outside. 

Other than the above mentioned there are so many other heroes in the war of security are present, technologically advanced locks for example: thumb print lock, Bluetooth unlocking door system etc. are some worth mentioning examples. The best way is to buy the lock according to the door material and the place of the door, if it’s a main door entrance of the house ‘lock em up’ with a strong lock. For more information, please log on to https://www.sasco.net.au/security-door3